Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Olympics-J. R. Celski

So, I've been watching the Olympics faithfully for the last week now. I love the Olympics, both the Summer and the Winter Olympics. I find it so exciting to watch the athletes and what they can accomplish. There alway seems to be so many amazing stories of redemption, or come back, or the rookie who came out of no where. To see these kind of things unfold and take place is like watching history take place and I love that. For those( and of course I'm talking to myself since no one is actually reading this.) who are reading this, I love history. It's my favorite subject, so for someone like me to see history taking place, it's like the most incredible thing ever. Well, back to my story. Every Olympic games, my sisters and I, while we're watching the advents take place get an Olympic boyfriend. We don't actually get a boyfriend, but we just see someone that we like, who is an amazing athlete and we say that they are our boyfriend. I know that it's kind of weird sounding and perhaps a bit desperate( but believe me, it's not as sad as it sounds, it's just something that my sisters and I have always done.) This time around I've been taken with the young United States speed skater, J. R. Celski. I honestly think that he is absolutely adorable, and that he's very talented. Hearing his story last week for the first time about how he cut himself( very very badly and if you want to hear the full story, look it up on the internet cause i'm sure anyone else could tell the story better than I could.) in a race nearly five months ago and was able to still heal and make it to the Olympic games is incredible to me. What kind of person is so strong and devoted to what they do? I know that I'm not, and seeing him being able to do that really makes me want to become stronger and more involved and devoted to the things that I love and do. I'm the same age as him, and seeing what he has been able to accomplish and do in his life kind of makes me feel as if I should have done more in my life. Even if he never wins another competition or race again, I have to say that I'm totally devoted to being a fan of his because of what he has been able to overcome and do. I just hope that he never become like so many other athletes and becomes full of himself and what he is able to do. Anyways, I wish all the best to J. R. and hope that he has in incredible life in whatever he plans to do. Just for now in my life, I guess I'll have to be content to have J.R. as my Winter Olympic boyfriend.

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