Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So the other day I was trying to figure out what that meant. S.O.S. So I looked it up and it's like a distress signal. Sometimes I feel like screaming that. I mean, I feel like a distress signal would be the perfect thing to get you out of a terrible problem or situation. The other day I went out to eat with my father and some of my sisters and I was walking to the bathroom with them and and guess who I saw. The one man that I really can't stand. I don't know why, but for some reason, this guy has always gotten on my nerves and really bothered me. I've known him for many years( probably about five or six years.) and I'm great friends with his sister, but every time that I see him, I get this sudden urge to hit him or something. He's so arrogant and full of himself and he has this way of thinking that he's better than other people. I've let him know how I feel about him, but he just acts like I'm some immature stupid younger girl that doesn't know anything. I walked by him, and at first I was kind of happy because I saw someone else that I know an like, but then I turned and saw his face and disappointment followed. I just don't like to be around him and he always seems to make something seem less fun or enjoyable when I'm around. He's like some kind of kill joy. If only someone could of let me know that he was around the corner in that restaurant or if somehow I would have known, I would have stopped dead in my tracks and not have gone that way. I feel that my whole evening would have been better. Of course, I'm being kind of mean when I say all these things about this dude, he's honestly not that bad of a guy, but we've just never hit it off, and I don't enjoy being around him, and I can't stand the way he's in love with himself, and he seems to always be a kill joy, and he's so annoying, and I just don't like him, so never mind. Maybe some day when I'm way older, I'll finally be able to be kind to him and maybe he'll be kind to me and we'll be friends......yeah right. Anyways, I feel that I need a warning every time I'm about to see this guy, so that I can be ready for him mentally and physically. Some kind of S.O.S. warning of some sort.....

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