Monday, December 28, 2009

Guys are stupid. Yeah, I just said that and I mean it. I can never figure out if guys are cute are just dumb. They say things and then they do something totally different. They can be cruel too. They can say things that hurt and sometimes they don't say things, and that's what hurts. Even with all their problems, I find my self liking them and finding them cute or adorable. There are some that I can't stand and that I'll never be able to like, even if I wanted too, but there are others that are just classic. They are like from a dream, they seem so perfect. Of course I don't personally know any of the perfect kind that seem like they're from a dream( I can only dream of those kind.), but I do know many of the other kind. Some times though, I find that even the non perfect ones can surprise you at times and make you think that maybe, just for a moment, they might be just a little bit perfect. Something else that I realized the other day is that, no one is perfect, not even those guys in those books that I like to read or from some of my favorite books, or from my dumb dreams because no one is perfect.'s true. No one is perfect, not even me( even if I would like to think it at times.). I think that I need to become a little more forgiving to those that I may see as non perfect and maybe give them a little more of a chance. I may find something special in some of those people that I may not have seen before. Guys are dumb and they can be frustrating at times, but so can I. I can be one of the most annoying people in the world and if people can learn to live with me and forgive me for my mistakes then I should learn to do the same things. No ones perfect....

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