Friday, December 25, 2009

Today was Christmas. What a wonderful day that is in my home. My little sisters woke my up at 6 in the morning and I went into out living room with them to see what was to be found beneath our tree. Christmas was even more interesting this year then it ever has been before. You see, one of my cousins moved into our house this past year and one of my brothers moved to Japan. I wasn't really sure how it was going to be with one of my closest brothers out of the country and a cousin that I didn't even know until this last year here. It turned out being possibly one of my favorite Christmases ever. You see, my brother came home yesterday for a surprise visit( even though it wasn't the biggest surprises ever. You see, my older sister and I kind of figured out that he was coming home a couple of weeks ago, but it was still a nice surprise.). I was in bed asleep and in my sleep I thought I heard someone running down our hall way, the next thing I heard was my bedroom door being opened and as I was preparing to yell at my younger sisters( cause I thought it was them.), I felt a huge wait on top of me. My brother had run down our hall way and jumped on top of my bed on me. That probably surprised me more then him coming home....hahaha, but anyways, I loved the fact that my family was able to spend at least one more Christmas together. The day is near it's end now and before it comes to a complete end, me, my dad and two of my sisters are going to finish one of the best movies ever. The Fellowship of the Ring. It's a Christmas movie, right?

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